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August 06, 2018

How It Ends | Release Date - July 2018 | Cert - 15 | Genre - Action, Adventure, Drama


This review contains spoilers that reveal the ending.

How It Ends - Netflix UK's latest original movie, sees a cast including Will (Theo James - Divergent) & Tom (Forest Whittaker - The Last King of Scotland) forced to work together to survive a road trip following a mysterious apocalyptic event. 

As is the case with Netflix I received an email about this films release before I actually saw it on the App, and having seen Theo's performance in Divergent, thought it must be the worth the watch. My expectations for this were that it would be fairly action packed from the storyline and possibly filled with unrealistic realities. 

The opening scenes show us Will (Theo) and girlfriend, Sam (Kat Graham) at a baby scan finding out there due to have a Boy. Shortly after will attends a business meeting in Chicago leaving Sam back in Seattle. Whilst there Will visits Sam's parents and its apparent that there is no love lost between the two men, and an argument ensues. When Will calls Sam from the airport the following day, interference breaks up their phone call and Sam says something isn't right. What follows from there on in is an exceptionally long and drawn out road trip including Will and Sam's dad, Tom (Whittaker) trying to get back to her. Its clear from the beginning that the two men don't see eye to eye, although the reason isn't revealed until later on (Whittaker believed that Theo sank his boat). The film gets rather repetitive with the pair searching for fuel, running afoul of thieves and making what was to be believed an ally in Ricki (Grace Dove), a local mechanic, who in actual fact just disappears half way through the movie never to be seen again?

The ending to this movie is.. how can I put it? Not an ending? The title - How it Ends.. Exactly! How does it end? It's almost like the writers decided at a random point to think, Yes, that's enough now and just walked away from it never to film the ACTUAL ending??? Basically a huge cloud races towards Sam and Will who are driving down the road and it just..ends? Talk about questions?... 

What actually happened? What was the mysterious noise? What took out all the power? Did they get away?

I mean come on Netflix, you can do better than that! 

I expected more from this film given its cast and storyline but it just fell flat. Its a shame as there was potential to make a really good film here, however it just didn't happen and left me disappointed. If I was to be completely honest, which is what Frank Avenue is all about, I wouldn't recommend this film to a friend. Having read other reviews on various websites it doesn't sound like I'm alone.

Let me know in the comments below if you've watched it and what your thoughts were? Were you sitting there throwing your hands in the air asking "What did I just watch?"

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